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  5. It’s not difficult to define Islamophobia. So why does Britain struggle with it so much?

Certainly, anti-Muslim hatred and discrimination need to be addressed, but the report and its definition are problematic and only likely to make the problem worse. Tim Dieppe examines the report and the proposed definition and finds that adopting this definition will seriously inhibit free speech. What they have done instead is racialise Islam so as to make Islamophobia a form of racism. It does not matter that Islam is not a race, or that many Muslims do not see themselves as anything like a separate race.

The authors want Islamophobia to be seen as racist. The report explains:. By this definition, viewing a culture that gives less rights to women as inferior to one where women have more rights would be Islamophobic. Expressing that it is better for women not to have to cover their faces would also be Islamophobic. Arguing that polygamy should be outlawed because it is bad for society would also be Islamophobic. One would not even be able to say that UK law is preferable to sharia law.

This is a stark warning.

What Does 'Islamophobia' Actually Mean? - The Atlantic

Ofsted have been accused of Islamophobia for questioning whether young girls should wear the hijab at school p What about Muslims who do not want their girls to wear the hijab? It seems that according to this definition, it is impossible for Muslims to be Islamophobic. What about attempts by hard-line Muslims to police the behaviour of others? What about hatred of Muslims for being the wrong type of Muslim? As Sara Khan comments :.

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If this abuse was experienced by Muslims at the hands of non-Muslims, it would be perceived as anti-Muslim hatred; why should it be any different just because the perpetrators are Muslims themselves? The list of those who have been accused of being Islamophobic is long and illustrious. An accusation of Islamophobia seems to be made against anyone who raises questions about Islamic beliefs or practices. There is no attempt in the APPG report to determine when accusations of Islamophobia would be inappropriate.

The Casey Review highlighted the problem with Islamophobia:. This is the real problem — fear of being branded Islamophobic. Perhaps we should call this Islamophobiaphobia? At its worst is has meant that public sector institutions have been reluctant to tackle Islamic rape gangs because of Islamophobiaphobia, leaving more girls to be abused.

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The APPG report pays lip service to free speech claiming that it does not intend to curtail free speech or criticism of Islam as a religion p This is a serious problem. As it stands, people who criticise Islamic teachings, beliefs or practices are often labelled Islamophobic. The report makes no mention of whether criticism of Muhammad should be deemed Islamophobic. But then the report wants to prohibit criticism of Islam, if that criticism is perceived to be humiliating or marginalising to Muslims:.

What is being referred to here, as the report acknowledges, is actually criticism of Muhammad, not of Muslims. It is also criticism of Muhammad that is based on Islamic traditions.

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It appears then that the authors of the report do want to silence criticism of Islam or of Muhammad and that they consider that such criticism should be called Islamophobic even if it is rooted in Islamic teaching. This is therefore a flagrant attempt to curtail free speech. This would mean that the Casey Review would be Islamophobic for reporting:. Reporting of factual information like this would be censored as Islamophobic under this definition. So far, the government has resisted calls to define Islamophobia. Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth said in when asked in parliament :.

Previous attempts by others to define this term have not succeeded in attracting consensus or widespread acceptance. Victoria Atkins MP was also asked in parliament whether the Government agreed that the time had come for a proper legal definition of Islamophobia, and answered :. However, following the APPG report, the Home Affairs Committee is now conducting an inquiry into Islamophobia which includes considering the impact of official adoption of a definition of Islamophobia. Furthermore, in response to a recent written question in February from Lord Pearson about the proposed definition of Islamophobia, the government said that:.

Any such approach would need to be considered carefully to ensure that this would have the positive effect intended. So the government has moved from not accepting the need for a definition to examining the options for a definition. I suggest that it is very hard to define Islamophobia in a way that does not restrict the ability to criticise Islam. One also wonders also about why a specifically anti-Muslim hatred working group has been set up?

Will anti-Christian, or anti-secular, or anti-Hindu, or any other similar groups be set up?

Why use the term “Islamophobia?

As Christians we believe there is no place for hatred or antagonism towards individuals. There is a problem of competing victimhoods in our society, seen in accusations of homophobia, Islamophobia, transphobia etc. Gupta said. The Justice Department has moved to draw public attention to the problem and marshal resources to combat it as part of a broader effort against religious discrimination. A number of experts in hate crimes said they were concerned that Mr.

Islamophobia is a controversial term for a number of reasons. Despite the implication of the term, those accused of Islamophobia are not actually afraid of Islam, but instead are highly critical of it although an argument could be made that many Islamophobic people are irrationally afraid of Muslims bringing terrorism to their neighborhood.

Despite the fact that it may not be an actual phobia, it is akin to the concept of homophobia. Stephane "Charb" Charbonnier , one of the cartoonists murdered by jihadists in the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks, attacked the concept of Islamophobia in a posthumously published article. According to Charb, most right-wing Islamophobes are actually just racists. By calling their racism Islamophobia these people get an intellectual veneer they don't deserve. Stephen Schwartz, an American writer and critic of Wahhabism , has stated that although the charge of Islamophobia is sometimes leveled too quickly against an opponent, that it is still a real phenomenon [46] which he defines as:.

At a symposium on "Islamophobia and Religious Discrimination", Robin Richardson, a former director of the Runnymede Trust and the editor of Islamophobia: a challenge for us all , said that "the disadvantages of the term Islamophobia are significant".

Yes, Islamophobia is a type of racism. Here’s why | Wes Streeting

Nonetheless, he argued that the term is here to stay, and that it is important to define it precisely, instead of completely abandoning it. Hemant Mehta of the Friendly Atheist blog chimes in with a similar perspective on the importance of definition for the term to function: [48]. In a radio discussion on public radio between Reza Aslan and Sam Harris, Harris suggested that Islam is different from many other religions at this moment in its history because of its doctrines and the results of them, and Reza Aslan accused him of being a bigot for treating Islam as a special case.

However, Harris has defended the profiling of Muslims and "anyone who looks like he or she could conceivably be Muslim" in security contexts, [51] although he himself has been accused of articulating "dangerous" and "divisive" beliefs by religionists and their defenders. Likewise, Dawkins has a very long and controversial history when it comes to his opinions about Islamic culture.

In an interview with Bill Maher he said:. Dawkins also accused Ahmed Mohammed of being comparable to an ISIS child soldier, [52] all of which lends some credence to the suggestion that their particular quest to prevent people from using the word "Islamophobia" in any context has ulterior motives. PZ Myers has rather insightfully suggested that Dawkins' and Maher's team-up is "a combination to bring out the worst in both". In any case, while there are legitimate cases of bigotry towards Muslims, [note 4] the term "Islamophobia" can be used to disparage valid criticisms of Islam and the culture that arises because of following Islam and Sharia law to its literal phrasing.

Stephen Fry has seen it applied against him too reflexively on Twitter. Muslim women are uniquely vulnerable to sexism and Islamophobia, and the subsequent denial from Islamophobes that criticism against them is sexist or Islamophobic. Muslim women are visible targets for harassment when they wear headscarves and are also often subjected to negative stereotypes and forced to respond to misconceptions that they are oppressed and silenced by their religion. The Islamophobes pretend that they are "liberating" women by advocating for bans on headscarves or "burkinis".

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Editorial: What is Islamophobia?

I doubt that anyone abusing Muslims in the street, or defacing a mosque, or snatching a veil off a woman's face, has paused to examine their premise beforehand. The argument that Islam is not a race is a cop out. It's time that we dispensed with it once and for all, because it prevents us from identifying acts motivated by hatred for what they really are.

Islam might not be a race, but using that as a fig leaf for your unthinking prejudice is almost certainly racist. Everything I have ever said about Islam refers to the content and consequences of its doctrine. And, again, I have always emphasized that its primary victims are innocent Muslims—especially women and girls. And it is doing its job, because people like you have been taken in by it. Even worse, it shuts down all conversation.

It’s not difficult to define Islamophobia. So why does Britain struggle with it so much?

If you're the artist at Charlie Hebdo and you've been called Islamophobic, saying that you're "only satirizing religion and bad ideas" won't get you anywhere, either. That's why we need to stop using the "i" word. Not because it's wrong, per se, but because it has a different meaning to different people. And we should all be allowed to rip apart bad ideas — it doesn't mean we're attacking the person having them.