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  1. The Mystery of Table Mountain: Book One of A Trilogy
  2. The Valley: Book One of the Valley Trilogy
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A powerful debut, a remarkable blend of passion and scholarship. A brilliant book, beautifully written. Sharp and enticing. Join Reader Rewards and earn your way to a free book! Join Reader Rewards and earn points when you purchase this book from your favorite retailer. Paperback —. Add to Cart. Also in Landscapes. Product Details.

The Mystery of Table Mountain: Book One of A Trilogy

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LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Fourteen steps then a sharp turn and up the next fourteen. A turn, another flight.

The Valley: Book One of the Valley Trilogy

I trudge on, holding up the hem of the white robe that threatens to trip me up. I try and recall everything we learned about the Colony in education. The top part of the mountain is sandstone. The lower half is granite. Hard, impenetrable granite. Above that is nothing just but six hundred meters of solid sandstone, with a web of ventilation tunnels running through them. Shameema, the girl with the broken elbow, is in front of me. We step into a low, narrow corridor.

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The end is flooded in light. Real light, not refracted through mirrors and skylights.


I try to imagine what it will be like if by some chance I do survive the fall. Everything is dead out there. No plants, no people, just ash and burned rock. We reach the end, and two soldiers are struggling with the bolts that hold the thick metal grille over the end of the shaft. Shameema is sobbing, and I put my arm around her. Jaco hugs us both.

The three Year Fives huddle together, sniffing. But it comes undone suddenly, and the grille clangs to the floor. A blast of dust and dried leaves swirl inside. Major Zungu grabs one of the Year Fives and shoves her towards the opening. She gives a sharp scream that ends abruptly as she drops out of sight.

I clutch Shameema and Jaco. My mouth is filling with saliva. Now Major Zungu has the second Year Five girl. Tears are streaming down her face and she wrestles with him. I look away as he bashes her head against the wall, and tosses her out before she can crumple at his feet.

Save me. Please save me. Major Zungu takes me by the shoulders and shoves me to the edge of the tunnel. I cling onto the metal rim. Below are rocks. I clutch the rim, resisting him with everything I have. Suddenly there are footsteps running up the passage behind us. Major Zungu pulls me to my feet. Jaco and Shameema look terrified as Captain Atherton marches me past them. Probably something more agonising.

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Something more suitable to a female born with the curse of the red hair. Captain Atherton takes me back to the stairwell. We keep climbing.

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But the rectangle of sky is getting bigger, the natural light is creeping into the stairwell and I focus on the beautiful clear blue, the single puffy cloud. At least I got to see the sky, I think wryly. I blink. Did I really see it? Nothing can live on the surface of the Earth. They told us so.

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At last we reach the top. Above me is a huge transparent roof. And above it, the sky. The beautiful azure sky. I rush over and peer out.