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But Pallas came in shape of rust, And 'twixt the spring and hammer thrust 1-Ier Gorgon shield, which made the cock Stand stiff as 'twere transform'd to stock. We cannot be surprisecl when we examine the. It is notorious how the introduction of heavy weapons led to the wearing. How horses bore the weight of men thus armour-clad is surprising.

Some Burgundian morions had visors, with hawk-like noses and moustaches moulded in iron, thus considerably increasing their weight, while no additiol1al defence was gained. Beaune was long famous for the skill of its arquebusiers. Montluc, one of the worthies of Henry II. So greatly was this weapon disliked by the veteran warrior, that it is said even the brave and generous Bayard invariably denied quarter to the arquebusier as a ruffian who violated the laws of honourable warfare.

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What would these gallant kniglits have thought of the Snider or Chassepot rifle? There are several drawings in the museum, representing companies of these soldiers undergoing training. The uni'forms- are very curious. The museum contains a great number of GalloRoman remains, found in and about Beaune 3 including some beautiful specimens of glass. A vase of this material, discovered in the tomb of a GalloRoman lady near Beaune, is of great elegance. The cathedral, dedicated to Our Lady, deserves more attention than it has hitherto received from antiquarians.

It was commenced in by Duke Henry of Burgundy, and completed at the end of the eleventh century by the Duches8 Matilda. The principal treasures of the cathedral consist of relies, set with precious gems, which, it is Rtated, were given to the chapter of the cathedral by Duke Charles the Bold, who carried them off from Liege, after he had sacked that town. The Dukes of Burgundy seem to have liked Beaune as a place of residence.

The palace which they occupied in the town still exists. You will find it behind a bookshop in the Place Monge. Although it has undergone considerable alterations, it is still a very interesting building, and so picturesque that the sketcher should not fail to make its acquaintance. Another excellent subj ect for. This Monge was the celebrated matliematician he was born at Beaune.

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A statue of him has been recently erected in the centre of the Place which bears his name. It was said of this city by the Duc de Mayenne, who considered it as the key of Burgundy, Qui m. A large portion of Beaune was destroyed by fire, and the huge castle was reduced to a ruin.

The fall of Beaune gave Henri IV. Let us visit one of the latter. We left Beaune at 10 A. My friend had many acquaintances in each village, on some of whom we called. Considerable rivalry exists between the two villages, with respect to their wines. Connoisseurs, however, are pretty well agreed that Volnay is Buperior to Pomard.


They occupied a large castle-like edifice, now entirely ruined, called 'La Grange des Ducs,' to which were attached various buildings for the use of retainers. Just before attaining the top, we come to the village of St. It stands on a kind of rocky peninsula, jutting from a vast limestone. Many of the houses appear to be built to the face of the rock which rises vertically behind them.

The limestone passes in some localities into a redveined marble of a very fine quality. At the base of the precipice a stream, almost river-like in its wealth of water, springs to life and light, and turns six picturesque mills in juxtaposition. Close to the lowest mill a figure in stone, supposed to be a representation of Mercury, was found. The simple inhabitants entertain a very different belief respecting it and being endowed in their eyes with miraculous powers, they think to cure diseased children by rubbing them against it.

Above St. Flax and potatoes occupy the ground, but it is evidently hard work to wrest a living from the soil. Now we drive over a wild table-land, stopping occasionally to regale ourselves on blackberries, alike wonderful for their great size and delicious flavour and. But long before we arrive at the bottom, we see the castle of La Roche Pot, hovering falcon-like over the village of the same name.

It was built by Alexander of Burgundy in the thirteenth century.

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On his death it passed into the family of the Pots, various members of whom added largely to it. Leaving our little carriage at the village, we ascended to the castle by a path shaded by huge walnut trees, which attain gigantic proportions in this part of Burgundy. On our right frowned the lofty precipice, surmounted by the castle. Piles of rocks fallen from the steep, lay in confusion at its base, many nearly hidden by dense vegetation, amidst which a variety of birds were warbling 8weetly.

For here they seemed secure from molestation. The high expectations you may have formed of the castle of Roche Pot, from seeing it afar off, will not be disappointed by. The massive walls carried no less than six stories some of these chambers are still tolerably perfect they are of various sizes, from the vaulted hall to mere closets which did duty as bed-chambers of course there are winding stairs, leading upwards to warders'eyries, where the wind was, at the time of our visit, in full blast from the loftiest of these eyries there is a most singular view of the castle and village beneath.

Of course, too, there are dungeons, fathoms deep in the rock, for no castle in Burgundy was considered perfect without such snug places for the accommodation of prisoners, whose groans and wailings appear to have been sweet accompaniments to the shouts of roystering in the banquet halls above. I visited one of these dungeons it smelt dank and foul, and I was glad. The unfortunate Duke Arnould, we are told, was imprisoned for six years in a dungeon of this description.

Nearly every day his son-who entertained the. Pot possesses a chamber where confinement and punishment were ingeniously combined. The lords of these Burgundian castles were not, as is weR known, remarkable for showing mercy to those whom they considered to be their enemies. But in this respect they were probably not a whit worse than their neighbours in other parts of France and Germany. The gnights of the middle ages had too often hearts as insensible to mercy as their mail-clad bodies were to blows.


The gates of mercy shall be all shut up, And the flesh'd soldier, rough and hard of heart, In liberty of bloody hand shall range,. Happy families, truly, must they have been.

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The pit was, however, much more in vogue than the gallows. Hanging has never been much practised in France. Chartier, in his 'HistOl. Y of Charles VII. Yenerable historical memories belong to the castle of La Roche Pot. The cradle uf one of the oldest families in Burgundy, it. Few knights, we are told, cared to measure weapons with him.

When in the thick of the fight, a battle-axe hung from his saddle-bow-being used alternately with a spear and a sword, as might best do execution.

But, although loving fighting beyond all things, 1-le was a boon companion, and took great delight in entertaining his friends in his grand castle. To some, however, his hospitality must have been as dangerous as his enmity.

It is recorded of him, that when offering at a banquet a capacious bowl full of strong beer to a mere stripling, he was told that to drain the bowl, as was required, would peril the life of the youth on which the Baron thundered out' Bibat et moriatur Let him drink and die. What singular incQnsistency prevailed in the manners and morals of those days The utmost devotion to the fair sex, a nice regard for honour, mingled with terrible cruelty, gross sensuality, and the bitterest spirit of revenge.

His eloquence caused him to be called 1 La Bouche de.

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Besides the majestic, semi-ruined castle with its beautiful sculptured window-frames, the grand rock on which it stands, the face of which glows with colours, partly due to the limestone, and partly to the lichens mantlin g its face, the vast spreading walnut trees, and the quaint village houses, clinging, as it were-and as they did in former times-for safety under the castle walls, combine to form a series of subjects for the pencil, of rare beauty.

It is worth ascending to the slopes on the other side of the valley, to hear a very remarkable echo, caused by sounds being reverberated from the face of the cliff.