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  4. Comfort (and Discomfort) Food: Social Surrogacy and Embodied Memory in Real and Reel Life

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Everything about her is open to change and doubt. A single anxious eye in a mirror, a lonely shoulder in another. A poignant toothbrush blends into and strokes the red of her sweater. The faucet is a crucifix; the person drinking from it a shadow. Past the sharp mirror edge, the blankness of a wall. She catches a glimpse out of the corner of her eye. That eye is startlingly sad.

The faucet reminds her of a tombstone. Another: she sees herself in two mirrors at once. She has recently become a mother; she has recently split in two. The way I see it, depression is a splitting of the self.

(Dis)comfort Food

One of you is cheerful, the other — hopeless. This is particularly pronounced in female mood disorders. But it can be the other way around too: splitting the self can cause or exacerbate depression.

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  8. As a ten-year-old, I only wanted to make a drawing about personal identity. I failed. My drawing expanded past all preassigned bounds, bloated with interpretations. It became a portrait of shyness, the self, and the relationship between them. In the end, it even taught me new things about myself, things I had no clue about when I put pencil to paper. If Levinthal simply wanted to make paintings about personal identity, she failed too. May we all fail so spectacularly.

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    You see yourself in a painting. You see yourself in another ten-year old. You see yourself in a lady at a bodega. You look some more. When you finally walk away, you look different. More like the painting.

    I Four Paintings

    Somehow, the painting looks more like you too. With their muted pink and softness which relaxes all my muscles, these flowers are worthy of Fantin-Latour. Except — they have eyes. Just sad Levinthal trying to find some comfort in music and flowers. A sad, sick pun. Become a member. Sign in. Get started. Discomfort Food. Eve Bigaj Follow.

    Infant comfort | Arla Foods Ingredients

    III The Payoffs of Diagnosing I like to imagine an alternative past in which my self-portrait is found by a shy ten-year-old instead of a judgmental psychologist. IV Coda. Write the first response. Discover Medium. X Login.

    Sign In With Twitter. English Bangla. Discomfort Food: Why the Pakistani team's intake of burgers and shakes has shaken up Pakistanis online It was an electrifying match, but then why was Pakistani captain Sarfaraz Ahmed yawning in the middle of India vs Pakistan? Decoding the Pakistani team, burger by burger. Deepansh Duggal. Amidst all the dramatic breast-beating the other Pakistanis were busy doing online while India thrashed their team on the pitch, this Pakistani fan dropped a truth bomb: Don't call me a traitor, but look at the Indian players, they look like proper athletes, our players look like they've eaten two plates of waris nihari with feeqay ki lassi and benazir kulfa, all at once.

    View this post on Instagram. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of DailyO. The writers are solely responsible for any claims arising out of the contents of this article. How we eat is partially determined by habits and association. If I associate hunger satisfaction with eating raw, unprocessed food, I will tend to seek fruits and veggies for satisfaction.

    And we all know that television advertising will knock on us to eat the processed foods for their profits. Ever see carrots advertised on TV?

    I need starchy foods. I need carbs. To replace the carbs from flour, I use brown rice, cooked. I use baked potatoes. I use carrots. Sweet potatoes and yams are good, too. Many of these foods can be prepared in advance. Some of them can be consumed raw. Brown rice is my favorite staple food. I eat it every day when available, and I like it to eat it with a little red pepper and soy sauce or tamari. Long ago, a friend of mine told me a story of a man who was feeding white rice to the birds on the ledge of his office building.

    Over time, he saw that they were dying off. So he started feeding them brown rice and they got well and stuck around. So I stick with brown rice. With brown rice as my staple food, I can add carbs with potatoes, yams, peas, but I avoid corn. Now I might do with alternative flour food, but most of the stuff on the shelf at the store is based on white, bleached flour.

    And God knows I love sourdough bread. Instead of feeling an urge to be sated by comfort foods, I remind myself of the burping, the pain at the bottom of my throat, and the water and the potty breaks that go with all that water. Avoiding flour based food is becoming a matter of urgency these days. I can replace corn chips with bananas and get far better assimilation of the carbs as a result.

    Comfort (and Discomfort) Food: Social Surrogacy and Embodied Memory in Real and Reel Life

    I'm training my mind anew by noticing again how I feel after I eat something. Scientists have found that worldwide, we're not growing enough of the good food we need to live well, too. When millions of people replace processed food with whole food, we deprive big food processing companies think Kellog, General Mills, Keebler of their profits. With less profits on hand, there is less money they can use to influence legislation and regulatory agencies.

    While there are large economic and political implications to changing our diet, the most important implication to consider is how do you feel?