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Didactic Poems Didactic poems — see how they combine Metaphysics with music; they penetrate Inward without too much effort, To uplift our soul and heart to the Most High. Non dignus — feeble is all earthly art. So ward das Selbst vieltausendmal ein Andrer — Es ward sich fremd, tief in die Welt verirrt. Wherever thy thinking may encounter it: It is as if it found nothing and everything.

Everything shines in One, One shines in everything — In every point along the circle's turning. But Truth shines — and may the soul find And experience It, until it becomes wholly itself! Die Selbstheit lebt im Ich, Von fern und tief, doch sie allein ist wahr. Was wollt ihr mehr? Seid nicht so wunderlich. Dialektik hat uns manchen Sinn verdreht — Seid froh, dass das, was ist, geschrieben steht.

Wir wissen nicht, was beide sind — Nur, dass sie Gott beweisen. Denn da sie da sind, ist gewiss, Dass sie den Herrn umkreisen. The Ring Confusion It has been said that man is an illusion — That it is the Self which journeys through bodies. A play with words; it is not the Self That you see walking on this earth.

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Selfhood lives in the I, From afar and deeply, yet It alone is true. What more do you want? Do not wonder so. Dialectics has distorted some of our thinking — Be glad that that which is, is written. Space-Time Space and time are infinite — We cannot fathom them. Throughout life, we must let ourselves Be drawn into their spell. We do not know what either is — Only that they prove God. For it is certain, since they exist, They circle round the Lord. Die Form ist Sein. Was ist der Sinn der Zahlen?

Des Daseinswunders unbegrenztes Strahlen. Sein ist Gesetz. Die Welt — Mathematik; Doch nicht nur dies. Das Weltall ist Musik.

The Ring Continuation There is form, and beside it number — Crystallization, and movement. There is the unique, then the multiple Which God added to the possibility of the one. Form is being. What is the meaning of number? The limitless radiation of the miracle of existence. And amongst the cosmic powers known to us, Matter and energy are also to be named: Here again are being and radiation: substance and power, Whose interplay creates the Universe.

The Universe On the one hand the Universe is a circle with circles, And on the other hand, a radiation like that of a star; The origin of things cannot be on the periphery, As children learn today in school. Creation comes from the inside, never from the circle; What happens on the circumference is merely an echo.

God is the kernel, the center; do not teach That nature is God and God is nature. Being is law. The world — mathematics; Yet not this alone. The Universe is music. Bessres kann der Geist nicht sagen; Und das Herz darf nicht verzagen. Gott will beides offenbaren. Knowledge of Truth brings obligations; Right doing is true knowing.

Realitas Reality: the Great One. The mind can say no better thing; And the heart should not despond. Sapientia The unicity of the True is knowledge In the space of thought. Union with the True In the space of the heart is the other side of wisdom. God wishes to manifest both. Und Dasein ist das, was wir sind: zerspalten In abertausend Wesen, die sich lieben Und hassen. Wisdom and holiness — they are the driving forces Of the Lord, creating and delivering our world. Beyond-Being is Infinitely far; Being is close, reconciling.

And Existence is that which we are: split Into thousands upon thousands of beings who love And hate each other. Some here, and many more hereafter With God — renewed, heavenly beings. But unambiguous is the Japanese miracle, Which belongs to the greatest in the world of arts. Plato Classical art: sentimental, but cold — Imitating nature, yet alien to it.


Cantar, bailar Music of Southern Spain — it loves to resound At bull fights and at gypsy dances; Then the saetas, when statues of Mary Gleam in the light of tall altar candles — Moorish lute, whose magic sound Of dance and battle reaches the Macarena. Old Andalusia — colorful squares Where the worldly and the holy meet; Images of the Virgin that bless the nights — In silent prayer lie the deepest treasures.

Reiten — am Don, am Kuban. The Ring Play of the Fan Is not the world — both in itself and in ourselves — An open fan that can be closed? Be it because God brings the world to an end — Or because man has remembered God. Ever on horseback In their homeland — heirs of Ostaritza, They ruled over ancestral lands.

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Riding — by the Don and the Kuban. Combat, song, Ever pressing forward, ever ready to die — A wild and lyrical harmony. Der Ring Rheinland Kindheit am Rhein. Das Traumerlebnis einer Kinderseele; Ihr unbewusstes Schauen wollte fragen: Wo gehst du hin, o Strom, wo kommst du her? Die Welt entschwindet, wie die Winde wehen. The Ring Rhineland Childhood by the Rhine. Fairy-tale land of old — Home of songs and heroic sagas. Myth of the source and of the sea: The source, which proclaims the young I; The sea — the Self — in which form disappears.

The lake, in the background the mountain peaks; The path along the lake — all this is of the past. The world fades away, as blow the winds. Midwest The Midwest: fields planted with corn, Little towns — then forests, forests; Beginning of the wilderness and Indian brethren — Landscape of peace and of last songs. Schreiben Handschrift ist wesentlich.


Der Grundsatz ist: Ein jedes Zeichen muss erkennbar sein; Man darf sie nicht verwechseln. Wenn dies stimmt, Dann unterscheide zwischen Mein und Dein.

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Nach eitler Eigenart soll niemand trachten; Nur auf den innern Adel darfst du achten. And each language has its own virtue: There is Latin, objective and severe; There is German, imaginative and profound; Something of each language one would like to be. And there are the languages that the Lord has spoken, To enlighten us in different ways; God speaks aloud in every sacred Scripture — In the holy chamber of the heart, He speaks softly.

Writing Handwriting is important. Its principle is: Each sign must be identifiable; They should not be confused. Once this is in order, Then distinguish between mine and thine. No one should endeavor for vain originality; You should have regard only for inward nobility. Das Gerede Der Unbefugten — es bedeutet nichts. The Ring Speaking Why is it that a speech by Chief Red Cloud About an earthly thing moves us deeply, Whereas stilted school-philosophy Is like dead leaves scattered by the wind?

The person who says this or that to you Is sometimes more real than what he said; For his own greatness bestows infinitely more Than what outwardly he dared to say. Words Of necessity, the wise man uses only the words That language offers him. The fool Uses the same words, but uses them up — Do not listen to his speech, stop your ears.

For what counts are not the words.

Listen To what they mean; when you speak, You look at the essence of things. The chatter of the incompetent — it means nothing. Es ist nicht sauber, stets Verdacht zu hegen; Was Gott liebt, sollst du achten, folglich pflegen.

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But not for all: some think That uncleanliness shows love of God — That care of the body and beauty are a sin, Because they proclaim pleasure and worldliness. It is not clean always to harbor distrust; What God loves, thou shouldst honor, and so cultivate. Sense of Beauty Beautiful is what pleases us — so some think, Quite falsely; for one loves what is truly beautiful — If one understands it — because it is beautiful in itself, In the realm of forms and in the realm of sounds.

Quite another matter is the question of affinity With a particular kind of beauty: you love What you are; and rightly so, if you understand What each and what all beauty is.