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Evangelium Vitae (25 March ) | John Paul II
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Kisses' new management reaches out to Rap. Julia Montes surprises Dimples Romana. Liza Soberano wows netizens with her lovely pics. Marami ang nangangailangan ng medical assistance. This is not right. Furthermore, Jimmy wished that someone like Agot who is influential and smart should try doing government work so they would know how hard it is to take responsibility in the face of unsolicited advice and criticisms from the public. This is not red tape, uunahan na kita. This is based on many legal reasons. But like I said, I would rather keep it short.


Second, I would just like to share a personal wish. I wish that more people as smart and as influential as you would be more active regarding governance. Believe it or not, your opinions are very welcome.

However, I also wish that more people as capable as you would engage in government work, even for a limited period only. Most of your comments are wrong, but they are not wrong because you are stupid, contrary to what many of your critics say. I know you are smart. But mam, you truly are extremely misinformed due to what seems to be a very sheltered existence. But I may be wrong. Which is fine. But you did not even think of the consequences that your statement could have created, had we not been quick enough to resume operations today. We did not reopen for people like you.

I appreciated your article. I am trying to utilize your comments in it in a real life present situation. As you point out the counter argument is that someone is predisposed or genetically set up so that it is not a choice. Since we are not able to sort that out, or read the heart so to speak, then we have to allow the Lord to deal with some of these issues. I think the greater question is not whether a Gay or Lesbian lifestyle is sin, but rather how we are going to treat people who struggle with sexual issues?

Do we treat them in a more harsh manner than someone who exhibits prideful moral superiority? Leroy, if you will forgive me I feel that is lame and a bit of a sidestep. The church universal has considered these things as sin until the past approx. Any part of the church which does not follow is castigated.

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Where is love and a legitimate understanding for these? Why not allow parties to worship in a comfortable environment to themselves without castigating those who differ? Next, the comparisons to other sins is lame. I think you might be missing the whole focus of my article. Sin is defined as transgression of the law.

Use Castigation in a sentence | Improve Your Vocabulary | BuildMyVocab

Or as we have discussed the seven deadly sins. There is no repercussion for the sin of greed. No one is demanding reformation or renewal. Try that with a sin derived from the third deadly sin. The result will be quite different. I have no problem and encourage church boards and elders visiting problem makers in the community and addressing all these issues. We simply have become afraid of proper church guidance and correction. It is so much easier to say we have unconditional love and lets get on with doing church as we see it.

Castigate (Guildpact) - Community - Gatherer - Magic: The Gathering

I have not missed the point at all. Your original points were good…they just arent practiced. Just seeking an honest conversation over admittedly difficulty issues. Recently in Brea Calif. But… we dont know his heart.

Chide vs Castigate - What's the difference?

Simply stating where things head where there is never any pushback. Perhaps we need to admit that this discussion proves my point. People love to talk about sin and even more about sinners. Your example of the school official is case in point. There is nothing like this topic that gets people all worked up into a frenzy.


Perhaps we need a 12 month focus on the Six deadly sins. Excluding the third one of course. Leroy, Dont get your point. This was a real issue in the public school system.

As a citizen are we to be uninterested. As to church, why not talk about all the sins? Why omit any? Where there is no sin pointed out there is no need of grace…is there. Well at least we know the wise philosophers of Greece often practiced pedophilia.

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By beholding Christ, we accomplish two important things. We see ourselves clearly, and since that ought to occupy most of our time, it distracts us from being too worried about the horrible sins that other people commit. Leroy, You do understand the role of a pastor is to preach Gods word and grow people dont you. There is a misconception about Gk.

It isnt always used to mean condemn but judge whether something is true…the proper rule for us. The condemnation is left to God in the final judgment. Thanks for the conversation. I believe peace and a path forward must be based on truthful, honest dialogue of any issue. Regards, Pat. Thank you for the dialogue. Different perspectives can lead to better understanding. Again thank you. Real Sinners Spectrum Website. For death has come for us all Pardoner's- a person licensed to sell pardons they played a great role in the mid evil Christianity.

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