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Visions are also distracting. Many wise men and mystics have pointed to this kind of danger. With all our power we should refrain from them and look at them with suspicion.

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They always stress that visions of lights, of angels, yes even of the great masters, should be neglected, because they block inner progress. Je ne craignais pas de mourir mais de mourir sans etre illumine. This way man and woman approach the dawn of knowledge, because in it is the germ of life, being a blessing of the eternal. Isanatha Muni. Being deep in nigredo, a white light appears. We have arrived at the second stage of the Great Work: albedo, or whiteness.

The alchemist has discovered within himself the source from which his life comes forth. The fountain of life from which the water of life flows forth giving eternal youth. The source is one: male and female are united. In alchemical images we see a fountain from which two streams of water flow into one basin. Albedo is the discovery of the hermaphroditic nature of man. In the spiritual sense each man is a hermaphrodite. We can also see this in the first embryonic phase of the fetus.

There is no sex until a certain number of weeks after conception. When man descended into the physical world his body entered a world of duality. On the bodily level this is expressed by the sexes. But his spirit is still androgen, it contains duality in unity. Its unity is not bound to space, time or matter. Duality is an expression of unity in our physical world. It is temporal and will eventually cease to exist. When male and female are united again, one will experience his true self.

Conscious and unconscious are totally united. Albedo happens when the Sun rises at midnight. It is a symbolic expression for the rising of the light at the depth of darkness. It is the birth of Christ in the middle of the winter. In the depth of a psychological crises, a positive change happens. Albedo is also represented by Aurora, the Roman goddess of the dawn. Her brother is Helios, the Sun. It is a supreme state of conscious. Venus has a special place in the Great Work. In ancient times Lucifer was identified with the planet Venus. Originally Lucifer has a very positive meaning.

In the Bible we find 2Petrus "…till the day arrives and the morning star rises in your hearts". In Revelation Christ says: "I am the shining morning star". Here Christ identifies himself with the Lucifer! We find the same in mystic literature. In ancient times Lucifer was a positive light being. It was just one man who changed all that: when a certain Hieronymous read a phrase from Jesaja Jesaja talking to a sinful king of Babylon : " How did you fall from heaven, you morning star, you son of the dawn; how did you fall to earth, conqueror of people".

James Portocarrero (Author of Black Sun Rising)

Hieronymous used this phrase to identify Lucifer with the dragon thrown out of heaven by Michael. By the interpretation of this one man, Lucifer was tuned from a shining light being into the darkest devilish being in the world.

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  • We find Lucifer in alchemy associated with impure metals polluted by rough sulfur. Mercury and Lucifer are one and the same. One talks about Mercury when he is pure, it is the white sulphur, the fire in heaven. Lucifer is the impure Mercury. Lucifer is the morning star fallen from the golden heaven. He descended into the earth and is now present in all humans.

    The Sun, A Universal Deity

    Lucifer is Mercury mixed with impure elements. Keep in mind we are always talking about our consciousness. Lucifer represents our everyday consciousness, all the psychological and other complexes have clouded our pure consciousness, Mercury. The red sulfur of Lucifer, as traditional devil, is actually an illusion. It does not exist by itself because it is only an image, a distorted image of Mercury. We ourselves caused the impurities, the blackness that veils our true light being. Red sulfur is the same as what is called Maya in eastern philosophies.

    Maya is the world of illusions, or the veil that prevents us from seeing and experiencing true reality, where the eternal light is.

    Metal Gear Rising - Red Sun {Black Sun Mix}

    By the impurities of Maya, man has become ignorant. He has forgotten his origin and thinks he is in a world which in actuality is an illusion. The moon is above the retort, indicating this is the stage of Albedo. The sun above is the next stage of Rubedo. At the same time sun and moon are again the opposites to be united. Aphrodite has two torches. One pointing down, representing the lower passions to be transmuted.

    The upside down torch is the purified energies. Aphrodite is standing on a tetrahedron, the perfect three dimensional body, as all corners are equally distant from each other, resulting in a lack of tension. Aphrodite was born from the foam that arose when the genitals of Uranus cut of by Chronos, out of hate and jealousy fell into the sea.