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  2. We need God’s “Divine Design.”
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Red Dot Design Award

The more they talk, the angrier they get with the general. At this point, however, several soldiers begin to retell a conversation which they overheard between the colonel and the lieutenant.

The colonel asked the lieutenant who was carrying the flag during the charge. When the lieutenant tells the colonel that it was Fleming, the colonel calls Henry a "jimhickey," a term of great praise. The lieutenant also tells the colonel that Wilson was at the front of the charge along with Henry.

We need God’s “Divine Design.”

As a result of hearing these comments, both Henry and Wilson feel great pride and contentment with their efforts. When Henry and the regiment return to their lines after their charge, and after repelling the enemy's counterattack, they are greeted with derision by a waiting regiment. Henry's reaction is one of anger.

The reader has seen Henry's anger approach the level of hate on other occasions in recent encounters with the enemy.

Now Henry feels hate even for his fellow troops. He is an anger machine which could boil into hate for anything or anyone who challenges his courage or the courage of his regiment.

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This is quite a change from the fearful, doubting Henry whom the reader saw earlier in the book. At the same time, Henry is also characterized as a realistic soldier. When he reviews the actions of his regiment in terms of the territory covered in the charge, he realizes that the distances covered "were trivial and ridiculous. When he sees his disheveled regiment "gulping at their canteens," he feels disgust for their weakness because he thinks of his own behavior and performance during the charge and is quite pleased.

Thematically, this chapter continues to focus on duty and confidence. Henry knows that he has performed well.


His commanding officer has praised him as a "jimhickey" soldier. He is initially angered by the criticism of the other regiment, but, on reflection, he can see their point. This shows maturity and confidence in his ability. As Henry's confidence grows, and as he learns the concept of duty, he is becoming an outstanding soldier. The dialogue between the soldiers recorded at the end of the chapter makes extensive use of dialect. For example, one soldier says, "Well, sir, th' colonel met your lieutenant right by us — it was the damndest thing I ever heard — an' he ses: 'Ahem!

Red Hair Color Ideas | 21 Celebrity Redheads We Want to Copy

The soldiers have the same need for information, for praise, and for recognition, as well as the need to use the language which they know their dialect to share these needs with others — as do all human beings. Catch: Tangela Fish: Staryu.